Chile nightlife tips - 33 Things We Love About Santiago de Chile

When one thinks of world cities with stellar nightlife, places like Barcelona, Paris and even Buenos Aires come to mind. The carrete party in Santiago is just getting started.

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Santiago is one of the most modern cities in South America; crime is light, the underground tube is excellent, and the whole world follows the traffic signals.

Neighborhoods Bellavista and Barrio Brasil are the uttermost traveler friendly. While Bellavista has more of a scene, it is pricier. Chance Of Hooking Up Rating: Observe the horrific mall culture by the Universidad de Chile underpass stop. Or take intimate in it if you need to stock up after a while traveling. The hotspots are not obvious to find if they do exist.

At night he busted out with the guitar and the girls flocked to him. There are many, many beautiful places in Santiago, and -of course- there are others less attractive like any other city in the world. After that, the night really gets going—many Chileans and foreigners alike head to dance clubs around 2 am, where they drink and groove until 5 am. Far from poor, no? Wikipedia Time Here are a few general facts about Chile. I am completely sold! There are harlequin tiles on the floors, exposed brickwork and six artfully designed rooms bearing nameplates that welcome each arriving guest.

Far from poor, no? This city is dangerous, the real Santiago. After that, the night really gets going—many Chileans and foreigners alike head to dance clubs around 2 am, where they drink and groove until 5 am. I like the look of the swimming pool too.

By far our favorite park, we spent many afternoons here with the puppies in our care, and which is why we recommend heading here if you want to go beyond central Santiago.

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Chile nightlife tips

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