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That number is likely lower in rural areas as the group tended to survey urban forces, which are more likely to hire women. I use the past tense...

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Despite expanding rapidly over the past two decades, federal law enforcement agencies remain almost as male-dominated as they were during the Clinton administration, according to a new POLITICO survey — the first to assess the gender gap in federal law enforcement in nearly a decade. At this rate, it will be years before women hold half of these jobs. From Customs and Border Protection to the Secret Service, large agencies are trundling along in a sort of time machine, with men dominating the ranks in ways they no longer do across the rest of government or even many large police departments.

On a percentage basis, there are now more female members of Congress than female officers at the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The lowest ratio of all belongs to the Border Patrol. Just 5 percent of its agents are female, which means the Border Patrol employs fewer women than the U. Marines at 8 percent. The active-duty military has three times as many women as the Border Patrol, on a proportional basis at 16 percent.

There is no conclusive evidence that women are any better or worse at policing than men. Some studies have shown that women are less likely to be involved in police shootings or to prompt a complaint from civilians, but most of those studies are dated and the sample sizes are very small.

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In an article for USA Today , Kevin Johnson also argued that women in law enforcement face a glass ceiling , as the percentage who hold the rank of sergeant or higher is far lower. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. The chief and his three assistant chiefs are all white. To build camaraderie, female agents keep many of their true feelings to themselves, like other minorities in the profession. I want them to trust me and feel comfortable around me.

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