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This mysterious treasure pit on a Nova Scotia island has a fascinating natural explanation. Filed under Ancient Mysteries , Urban Legends. It began as every boy's dream adventure, like...

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Whether building causeways and sinking caissons, analyzing old newspapers, swinging a pick in the glare of a lantern, or even listening to a podcast about the mystery, all of us share the same ambition. At the same time a new set of core samples were drilled at the pit itself.

The divers bailed and the shaft started falling apart soon thereafter. At this point a layer of limestone was encountered and drilled through. Rick Lagina started his career as a treasure hunter early.

At the bottom of the void was bedrock.

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For the purpose over two hundred years, rumors receive circulated nearby a trove of buried treasure secret somewhere on Oak Key in Nova Scotia. Chiefly the years, the commitment of opulence has get many explorers their preoccupation savings, their families, and even their lives. The article, which described the still-undiscovered stockpile of money, changed his life, and the person of his brother, forever. As adults, the Lagina brothers would launch an epic way in the heart of the Oak Island novel.

What they found was truly astonishing. Rick Lagina started his career as a find hunter inappropriate. When he was ten, Rick discovered a tremendous granite boulder in Kingsford, his hometown. He recruited his relation Marty, as well as some of their allies, to moving ahead the astound. Underneath the rock, Rick found a massive stockpile of… grime. Nevertheless, the treasure hunting bug had bit him.

In Countervail, another inquisitive boy discovered an incidental, circular cavity in the ground on Oak Isle.

One summer day in Daniel McGinnis, then a teenager, was wandering about Oak Island, Nova Scotia see Geography when he came across a curious circular depression in the ground.

Oak Island Money Pit Part 2 - Fuckbook Hook Ups

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Finally a human body was detected. Soon after, the tunnel flooded with water. Bowdoin of the stone which was then in use at Creighton's bookbindery in Halifax. The next mention of the stone is in an Oak Island Treasure Company prospectus. Interestingly, the earth encountered beneath the bottom spruce platform was loose indicating that the pit may have gone even deeper. Just like before, as they tunneled over, water began to rush in.

In his book, Oak Island Secrets , [62] Mark Finnan noted that many Masonic markings were found on Oak Island, and the shaft or pit and its mysterious contents seemed to replicate aspects of a Masonic initiation rite involving a hidden vault with a sacred treasure.

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Oak island money pit carbon hookup

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Rumors of hidden treasure existed on Oak Island long before , They also dug through layers of charcoal, putty and, curiously, They tried to dig another shaft...