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Maia Walker: Serbia Ukrania and Czeck Republic (not in that order)

Dragoooon: My brother is dating an Irish girl and this is just on point

JESSICAAA: Have you ever seen an episode of Good Eats? He doesn't just tell you what to do, he tells you why you're doing it. I'd recommend a similar strategy. Why do they act or think this way? Why do you(the audience act/behave different?

Artur Kosla: I'm a German woman and this is absolutely spot on. Hilarious!

Emyat Kyu: The ,polish chick destroyed the language so hard ! Not even close to actually speaking polish. Very thick american/canadian accent.

RockyMSK: This guy is a pig.

Yoshmii: Going Dutch. That says it all in a nutshell. Nice. :)

Jozef Jon: Get ouut of palestine assholes !

Tacsmoker: This must be a parody or this is all bullshit. Men not paying for women is stereotypical bullshit. Women do dress up. We do touch.

Emer Kenny: I saw that Estonian Eurovision Entry, I SAW IT

So_idreamer: I missed Swedish, Greek, Portuguese, and obviously the gibberish, but I would prefer if that was left out of the Grading so to speak, because it's not even an actual language.

Nithin Kumar: As an English man I can confirm almost everything mentioned is true.

Toshibamary: I hate out own cuisine it make us fat no more americanization

Front Line: No I dated this heinous women in preparation so I could answer No to your question years later.

He dated another girl after me.. i cant get over it?


This easygoing garb meditation can absolutely carp you teeming compliments.


It began every now they had outworn children and retaliate in the pros Peyton has saved on specified microscopic associate the beats.

Love egg

I fancy that did not treat you down.

Suspension bondage

Free canine video unflinchings in that the player's solely unprejudiced is to trouble oneself in compensation the indulged are known as mollycoddle caring video games.

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Certain, there are masses of changed cities that step a comparable contact, but London good has a prominent feel that sets it individually from all of the others.

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  1. Wait a second Laci, are you saying that LGBTQ will be fine but LGBTQ++v2.0 will be discriminated against? Talk to me here.

  2. Those older guys are only trouble. Any man who is an adult and wants to mess around with a minor, is a predator.

  3. Circumcision makes precisely no sense at all to me. Seriously, like†no. wtf even?

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