Adult latina women - Health Disparity among Latina Women: Comparison with Non-Latina Women

Professor, Center for Research on U. We explored the influence of substance use frequency and type, as well as cultural and socioeconomic...

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Analyzing the Latino community and focusing on the women that make up this fast-growing demographic create a better understanding of the needs and considerations for health-care professionals and social policies. It is important that national health and health-care data on the Latino ethnic group be presented by gender in order to determine areas specific to women. This review focuses on the existing health and health-care data of Latino women Latinas.

The ability to distinguish the health-care experiences of Latinas will increase the understanding of existing barriers to their health care, the initiatives needed to overcome them, and increase the overall quality of health among Latina women.

As part of the fastest growing and largest ethnic minority group, projections indicate that million Latinos will reside in the United States U. Using measures such as usual source of care, health insurance coverage, and the quality of care received, barriers for Latinas are readily identified. The terms Latino and Hispanic are used interchangeably in research to describe this fast-growing demographic. Census Bureau introduced the use of the term Hispanic as a classification of the Spanish-speaking population in the s.

The term Hispanic is highly used and recognized in spite of protests among the minority group; some reject the label, whereas others use Latino as an alternative. The Latino population is identified as a whole; however, each country or subgroup has its own identity. Comparing those issues to non-Latina women in the U.

American Obesity Association Fact Tabloid. By the year nearly one of every so often four women in the U. A similar bring forward from the American Rotundity Association 3 demonstrates the drastic the increase in obesity among U. Rhyme of the main causes for the increase in obesity is the squat socioeconomic status of Latina women and Latino families.

These families are soon after forced to buy the cheapest foods, which are not always the healthiest. Another reason is genetics. Research suggests that corpulence can be inherited from a parent, and when this large number of Latina and minority women are becoming obese, they may be passing that characteristic down to their offspring.

Along with being obese, a long prospectus of possible diseases are associated with this disability. These effects can be life-threatening.

A bivariate correlation matrix, including all variables used in the hierarchical regression analyses, also is included in Table 2. State of the science on psychosocial interventions for ethnic minorities. Support Center Support Center. All editorial decisions made by independent academic editor. English and Spanish Language Proficiency, Nativity, and Attributions about Addiction Women who were less proficient in English an indicator of adoption of the receiving culture in the acculturation process; Schwartz et al.

Alcohol Use Frequency — Past 3 months f.

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  • The purpose of this secondary analysis study is to explore attributions about addiction among predominantly immigrant, adult Latina...
  • Comparing those issues to non-Latina women in the U.S. can shed light .. Perceived barriers to...
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  • For example, all women in the present study selfidentified as heterosexual, These emerging adult...
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